The faceapp pro apk is easy to use just like using other applications, all the functions and features are easy to understand and operate. All you have to do is download and install the app into your android device and launch the application then follow the steps 

  • Import or click the image you want to edit 
  • Apply the filters and features step by step you want 
  • You can also undo and redo the changes you like and dislike
  • Save the photo into your device 
  • You can also directly upload it to your social media account.

Editing your image is just taps away. There is no need for such high-end image-editing software and developers to edit photos taking long hours; instead, you can use faceapp pro apk that can edit your image at the pro level with easy steps. 

The standard version of the faceapp pro application has locked features to unlock and use the pro features; you have to pay to use them; instead the faceapp pro apk is completely unlocked and ready to use and apply all the features and filters to your images. 

How Faceapp Pro Apk Work
How Faceapp Pro Apk Work

Why Faceapp pro apk

Using faceapp pro apk is such satisfying that you will never go for its standard version. When you choose the regular version, you have to pay for the features to unlock and use, while with apk version, you get all the features unlocked and ready to use. Just download and install and apk into your device and swing your image editing experience to the pro level. 

About Faceapp Pro Apk

The faceapp pro apk is packed with all exciting features, you might be familiar with some of the features in other apps, but this app they have some advanced characteristics. Each feature of the app is discussed in detail. 

Customize your hairstyle

Now changing your hairstyle in a photo is just one click away. You can switch your hairstyle the way you want. There are lots of hairstyles available for both males and females. You can even set the size of hair according to your face so hairs can fit exactly and seem real to viewers. So if you are bold or need a new hairstyle faceapp, pro apk can quickly fulfill your need.

Switch your hair color

You cannot undo if you are confused about choosing the best hair tone because once permanently, hair dying is done. While with faceapp pro apk, you can switch between many hair colors and choose the best that seems cool. All the color applied seems natural. 

Switch your Facial Hairs

There are people they do not have a beard on their faces and now putting a beard on the face is one of the top and hottest trends worldwide. The faceapp pro can add a multiple shape beard on your face. There are also various mustaches of different sizes and shapes. All these mustaches and beard fit so close that they seem real on your face.

Change your face Expressions.

Photo once clicked seems impossible to change facial expression, but you can change your facial expression in your image with faceapp pro; it is simple and easy to perform. There is multiple facial expression which you can easily add with one tap on your face. Changing facial expression does not change the face shape. The changes seem familiar in pictures. You can choose sad, happy, wired, and various other facial expressions. 

Change image background 

The faceapp pro apk can easily change the background of your images. Without this app, it requires high-end skills and software to change the background. There are multiple backgrounds available you can choose that suits your image. 

How to Download Install & FaceApp Pro Apk

Installing and downloading the faceapp pro apk is a simple and easy process. All you have to do is follow and steps we have listed below for your guidance. You can see the complete installation guide and how to download faceapp pro apk here.

If you haven’t install any apk file on your device yet, there is nothing to worry about; these steps will lead you to the final use of the application on your device.  

  • Uninstalled the free version of faceapp pro
  • Click on the download button, your device will ask for permission, grant the permission, and the file will be downloaded into your device.
  • Please tap on the file; once you tap on that, it will ask you for Installation, give access
  • It will start to Installation, wait for a few minutes
  • Once Installation is completed, you can use the app. 


Is faceapp pro apk free?

Yes. There is no any hidden feature left to unlock to buy to pay for the features. The whole app is free to use all the time.

Is faceapp pro apk safe to use?

You might have heard rumors about this, but there is no such reality. It is safe to download, install, and use. Both your device and internal data is secure at all. 


Our final verdict for the faceapp pro apk is that it is the last application that you will download on your android device. It has all features unlocked that are needed to make specific changes to your image. You can easily create a wired and ugly image into beautiful with some fascinating looks. 

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