Faceapp For PC v4.3.3 – Download For Windows

The faceapp for pc is the ultimate solution for you to edit your images at the pro level. They feel it mandatory for every social media user to edit their photo to some extent before publishing on their timeline or stories. Some applications or software take a lot of time and require some high-end skills to edit the picture but let me introduce you to the pc software that needed only a few clicks, and the image is ready to publish for your audience. You can use both paid and free features in it.

Why faceapp for pc?

The faceapp for pc does not require high-level skills to edit our photos. You can edit all your images on a bigger screen with better picture resolution. You can control the edits with a mouse, so it will be easy to edit the image smoothly and fast. With precise control of your mouse and keyboard, the user experience becomes satisfying and wonderful. Not only a single layer, but you can also open multi-players of images to edit various photos simultaneously. 

The Faceapp For PC

Features of faceapp for pc.

Like you enjoy all the features in your android device, the faceapp for pc has all similar features and functions. All the features are described below.

Change your age

You can switch your age with just a few clicks. The face app for pc has an exciting feature of changing the age in the photo. You can switch between a small child with a smooth face to an old age person with a wrinkled face and a group of facial hairs. 

Change your facial hairs.

You know well that the growth of facial hairs is on top trend around the world. It is also a fun fact that you do not design any facial hairs, but you replace beard and mustache on your face with faceapp, you can easily shock your audience with your new image. There are various shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Change your gender

Just a few months ago, every person on social media shared their images with the opposite gender. At that time, they all were using the faceapp application. It was a peak that all were using the same application. Later on, many applications arrived, but the results do not satisfy the audience. The feature of switching the gender is fun to play and exciting to share with friends and family.

Hollywood filters

Before uploading the pictures on social media accounts, users prefer to add some filters to photos, which adds extra beauty. Hollywood filters are best known for their best color combination and adding the best value to images. The faceapp for pc has ultimate Hollywood filters; you can switch between them and check the best that adds ultimate beauty to your pictures.

Change the background of your image.

Change the background of the image with faceapp pro on pc is super easy. When you use other applications or software, they are not easy to use and take time to see the result, and results are not satisfying. The faceapp can smoothly change the background of your image. The photo looks natural and unique after editing. 

Apply makeup to your face

The faceapp allows you to add from simple to advanced makeup to your photo with just simple clicks. Once makeup is applied, there is no need for various filters or other image settings. Using makeup in real life require skills and time to complete setup, but this all can be done without any hard work or extra time. 

Add facial expression 

You can easily add smiles and other facial expressions to your image with just one click. There are many facial expressions available; you can choose one that suits the theme you want to make in the photo.

Easy to use

The use of faceapp for pc is just the same as android, but you can also multitask if you want. All the features are easy to understand and use. The interface is user-friendly; even newbies can edit images easily. There are some advanced features with the time you get familiar with this app. 

How to download and install faceapp for pc?

To download and install the faceapp on your pc, read the guide below.

The first thing you should know that faceapp is currently not available for the pc version. They are offering only android and ios versions. But with the help of an android simulator, you can download and run the application on your pc. 

You have to download the Android app simulator externally. Simulators are easily available on many websites. Once you download, the simulator follows the steps given below.

  1. Download the file into your pc
  2. Open the simulator and select the faceapp file
  3. Install the file 
  4. Faceapp is ready to use for you.


The faceapp is the ultimate software to make your images at the pro level, and when you install this app on your pc, the process to edit the photo becomes more exciting. You can edit on a large screen with control through a keyboard and mouse. All the pixels of the images are clear. The editing process becomes more comfortable when done on a large screen than mobile. The method of installation is a little wired, but the overall experience on pc is best.


Is faceapp available for pc?

No. the faceapp is not providing the pc version. Only the android version of faceapp is available. But with the above method, you can easily download and use faceapp on your pc. It would help if you had a simulator to install the file.

Faceapp of pc is safe to use?

Yes, the pc version of faceapp is entirely safe to download and install on your pc. There are no hidden files or ads that could damage your data or storage. 

How to use faceapp on pc?

All the features and functions are just the same as in android. Once you install the app on your pc, you will get familiar with all its functions. All the features are easy to use.