FaceApp for Android v4.3.3 Download

There are two ways to describe FaceApp for Android – unique and useful. This free application provides users with an easy-to-use interface to create, edit, and share multiple profiles using their pictures and information. The face on the application is a digital version of your face, which can be altered to provide you with the look you want. You can choose from a wide variety of options, including your hairstyle, skin tone, eye colour, and more.

This application has become so popular because it allows you to customize your photos and even facial hairs. When you want to edit pictures with this application, it is most important to choose an image that is close the way to your face. It gives you more control over the face’s appearance because it eliminates the risk of getting your photo messed up when trying to change the look.

Why Faceapp for android?

Whenever you want to edit your photos, you download a particular photo editing application on your phone. Each application offers specific features of editing. But the faceapp for android gives you access to multiple components of face editing. It offers 

  • Adding smile 
  • Changing facial hairs
  • Changing hair tone
  • Adding facial expressions
  • Adding filters
  • Adding backgrounds
  • Altering your age
  • Lens blur and many other tools

With just one click, you can add various features to your images. This single app has many features that you will not need to download any other photo editing application on your smartphone. 

The Faceapp For Android

Features of Faceapp for android.

There are lots of features that are offered by faceapp for android. Now you don’t have to spend a lot of time on your pc or other applications, or there is no need to learn high-end skills for editing images. With just a few taps, the faceapp can take your image editing experience to the next level. We have discussed all the features in detail below. 

Hollywood filters

Hollywood filters add supreme beauty to a photo. If some of your photos are captured in low light or overexposure, then by adding Hollywood filters, you can make your images beautiful. Faceapp pro possesses various filters from dark to light and adding extra layers. 

Hair colour and style

Changing hairstyles and colours seems next to impossible in real life. Some apps are available in AppStore to change hairs and hair colour from your photo, but the results do not seem natural. The faceapp can make the changes from edge to edge, and results are seen next to reality. There are many hair colours and hairstyles are available in the app. You can use swape in between them and choose what fits your looks. 

Beard and mustache

If you do not have a beard and mustache or you want to change the look of your facial hairs in your photo, you can change them with just a few taps. The faceapp has various designs of facial hairs in it. You can swipe between multiple sizes and colour types. You can choose the best that suits you. The facial hairs applied to your face look natural and real. 

Change your age

You can change your age with just a few taps. The faceapp has an exciting feature for which it gets such popularity around the world. With faceapp, you can switch between old age, surrounded by wrinkles and a small group of facial hairs, or baby face with pink chins. Both the changes seem pretty awesome and fun to share with friends and family around social media accounts. 

Change your sex 

The exciting and fun thing is changing the sex in the photo. Many Android users globally use various apps that change some facial features that seem like change is sex. The face app alters the images in such a way that it appears real and fun to watch. Both males and females can switch between them in a photo. 

How to download and install faceapp for android.

The faceapp for android is available in apk, and standard version, the standard faceapp that is available on play store, another faceapp pro apk that is third party app, both are same. Still, the only difference is that the standard version has premium features locked and can be unlocked with payment. Still, the apk version has all features unlocked and ready to use. The process of installation for both versions are described below. 

Faceapp google play store.

It is simple and easy to download and install. Just open the play store, search faceapp, and download. It only requires is your mobile software compatibility. 

Faceapp pro apk

The apk version is a third-party app, and it is safe to download and install on your android device. All the steps are described below to install the apk version of faceapp apk.

  1. Uninstall the previous version of faceapp from your device
  2. Download the faceapp from the website 
  3. Install the file and give access to all permissions 
  4. The apk file will never ask for any purchase or payment


Is faceapp free to use?

Yes. It is free to use for every android use. The standard version has limited features, while the apk version has all the features unlocked.

What is faceapp?

The faceapp is a mobile photo editing application having various features such as changing your hair and hair colours, age, gender, and much more. 


With this fantastic digital portrait of yourself, you’ll be able to display a more confident face that will help people recognize you more easily. You can add in a favorite picture from your teenage years and make it appear as if you are a different person from when you were in high school, or you can add in photos of your older self and see what changes have taken place. By using FaceApp, you can transform your photos into a new portrait every time you use it. So whether you’re an adult or a teenager, the possibilities are endless. Just download the FaceApp and create a gorgeous portrait that will make people take notice.